Social Emotional Connections
Social Emotional Connections

Welcome to Social Emotional Connections

A Forum for NC Child Care Providers & ECE Professionals

About Us

This network is organized by NC's Healthy Social Behaviors Project. We offer FREE on-site coaching in 0-5 classrooms in licensed child care centers on managing challenging behaviors and creating pro-social classrooms using the Pyramid Model framework. We can't possibly reach all of you, so we've decided to create a statewide child care community to bring together passionate, caring and inquisitive teachers, administrators, and support staff as well as other early childhood professionals who want to know more about social-emotional development.

Why You Should Join Us

Are you looking to improve your satisfaction in the job your do every day? Here you'll have the opportunity to participate in conversations with others from around our state who do the same work you do, who care about the same topics, who are looking for information to help them manage classroom behaviors and avoid suspension or expulsion of the children in their classroom. You'll get to swap stories, share experiences and ideas, offer encouragement, find inspiration, and receive helpful tips from NC Healthy Social Behavior Specialists on creating pro-social classroom experiences.

A Big Thanks

Every time you ask a question, tell a story, or offer encouragement to a fellow child care provider, you're helping us build a stronger child care community. Every time you tell another provider about this site, you enlarge our community. Child care is a tough job. TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT BETTER.